Channing Tatum shows off his voguing skills in dance-move mash-up video

The actor continues his reign as one of the funnest guys in Hollywood

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He’s played pro wrestlers, half-dog hybrids and, most recently the best male stripper in Tampa. Is there anything Channing Tatum can’t do?

Well you can cross voguing off the list. The Magic Mike actor, as part of his profile in the August issue of Vanity Fair, has proven that his dancing skills extend far beyond stripping routines.

Adding further proof to the theory that Channing Tatum is probably one of the least serious people in Hollywood, the actor breaks down seven classic dance moves in 30 seconds.

He manages to  pull off an impressive vogue, do the robot, the funky chicken and pull off a pretty impressive pony, too, which make pretty mesmerising gifs.

There’s no sign of the break-dancing moves from Step Up, the 2006 film that propelled him into the spotlight.


The accompanying profile, a rain-drenched homage to Gene Kelly, was shot by Annie Leibovitz, who also shot Caitlyn Jenner’s iconic cover story for the magazine last month.

You can watch the video here.