Charles Saatchi: Trinny Woodall pictured in tears after dispute at same restaurant art mogul rowed with Nigella Lawson

Saatchi accepted a police caution after he was seen tweaking Lawson’s nose and grabbing her by the throat in June 2013

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Charles Saatchi’s girlfriend Trinny Woodall was pictured in tears after an argument with the art mogul outside the same restaurant that he famously rowed with Nigella Lawson.

The pair were photographed in what looked like a heated exchange at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair, London a week ago, at the same table he was seen tweaking Lawson’s nose and grabbing her by the throat in June 2013.

UPDATE: Trinny Addresses Tears Over Saatchi Argument

The row ultimately led to the end of his 10-year marriage to Lawson. She filed for divorce after Saatchi accepted a police caution for the incident, which he initially dismissed as a “playful tiff”.

In the new pictures, Woodall, 50, can be seen leaping out of her chair to confront the 70-year-old art collector. As the dispute appears to escalate, she is photographed wiping tears from underneath her sunglasses.

At the end of the meal, Saatchi was seen getting up and leaving the table alone.


“He walked off in a huff and left Trinny on her own,” The Mirror quoted one onlooker as saying.

“Her hair appeared dishevelled and her eyes were red from crying. When she managed to compose herself, she walked up to him, but he ignored her.”

The couple eventually left the restaurant in a taxi together.

“Why not send a photographer to Scott’s tomorrow lunchtime and I’ll give Trinny a good throttling in time for your deadline?” Saatchi apparently responded when he was approached by The Mirror for comment.

He has thus far declined to offer any further statement on the incident.

Public knowledge of the argument could come laced with some embarrassment for Woodall.

When she first began dating Saatchi following his split from Lawson, she eluded to the now infamous throttling incident in a blog post on her official website.

“It’s great that, at 50, life can still grab you by the throat and shake you up,” she wrote.

Hours after the post, Lawson appeared to retaliate on Twitter, naming her recipe of the day “slut spaghetti”.

However, the couple appeared to put on a united front at Scott’s on Sunday (1 June), this time smiling and laughing as they were photographed enjoying a meal in the sunshine.