Charlotte Church: 'I could not work and go on nice holidays, but I don't want to live like that'

The campaigning singer has said too few celebrities make their voices heard in a new interview

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Charlotte Church has said that she doesn't want to live like other high-profile people.

In an interview with Lauren Laverne for website The Pool, Church explained that her left-wing political activism is sincere.

"I could live in a nice house and not have to work and go on nice holidays, but I don't want to live like that," she told Laverne.

During the run-up to the General Election, Church became an outspoken opponent of the Conservative party and austerity measures. After the Tories swept to victory, Church took action at an anti-austerity march in Cardiff.

"I found some cardboard and some of the kids’ paints. I unscrewed the broom handle and Sellotaped it on. It said: 'I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore' – it’s a quote from the Seventies film, Network." 

Church, who recently said she'd back a 70 per cent tax rate for the super-wealthy, spoke of the encouragement she's had from members of the public.


"There was loads of support and people thanking me for speaking up for other people."

However, she also complained of being seen as a figurehead for anti-austerity, rather than a grassroots member. "I don’t want to be the poster girl for this, I want to be involved in the whole thing."

Church added that more people in the public eye had an obligation to stand up for what they believe in - even at the risk of becoming less popular.

"There should be more people in my position who can get attention doing things," she argued.

"Michael Sheen has been very good on the NHS. But people are scared. In this industry, you can't mention religion or politics. That's why so many high-profile women haven't said they are feminists for so long."

Aside from campaigning, Church said that she plans to shake up her musical output in the future. "I want to start a band and make super fun music, especially when times are so hard. One of the most powerful ways of getting people together is through music and fun - and hedonism, if that's your thing."

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