Charlotte Church responds to Welsh Conservative Andrew RT Davies for calling her a Champagne socialist saying she prefers prosecco

He also described the singer's behaviour at a demonstration as 'unbecoming'

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Charlotte Church has described herself as "more of a prosecco girl, myself" in response to Tory accusations of Champagne socialism.

Church, who has become a loud voice for the political left, attended a rally in Cardiff against Conservative austerity measures after the election result.

Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Welsh Conservatives, described the march as "unfortunate".

"At the end of the day, to denigrate the electorate, who has just spoken, within 48 hours of the election, is unfortunate and unbecoming," he told BBC Wales.


Davies also said: "It's Champagne socialists standing shoulder-to-shoulder."

But Church - who carried a placard saying she was "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" - didn't take the criticism lying down.

Writing on her blog in a post title that proclaimed her preference for cheap fizz, Church said: "For Andrew RT Davies... to describe my exercising of democratic freedom, as 'unbecoming', really says more than I ever could.

"Perhaps Andrew thinks I should get back to the ironing and stop babbling on about air-headed notions such as protecting the NHS (a system that Mr. Davies himself has been most mobile in attacking), fighting for a fairer society (a concept that entirely eludes his party), and championing the plight of those in society who are less privileged than me.

"Perhaps he wants to quiet me because I threaten his status as a wealthy, privately educated, white male."

Church has also challenged right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins to a charity boxing match. Hopkins retaliated, saying she'd be "punching above her weight".