Charlotte Church says she'd pay 70 per cent tax to end inequality

The singer is prepared to put her money where her mouth is

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Charlotte Church has said that she'd pay a very high rate of tax if it meant other people would be better off - and added that inequality made her "angry as the hulk".

The former opera singer, who is strongly opposed to Tory policy, was speaking ahead of an anti-austerity rally to take place on 20 June in London.

At a press conference for The People's Assembly, Church said she'd pay up to 70 per cent tax if it would make a difference.

"I've paid all my taxes since I was six years old," Church said. "I would happily pay more. I would totally be happy if it was raised to 60 or 70 per cent."

Church added that you didn't need to be poor to back the cause. She said: "Being poor is not a prerequisite for empathy."


The singer was an outspoken supporter of the political left during the run-up to the General Election, saying the Conservative party used fear tactics to win votes.

During the rally press conference, she continued her attack on the party: "We will see a broad coalition against the vicious attacks from this vindictive Government.

"It hasn't taken the Conservative government very long to attack unions by planning ballot thresholds, when it only had the support of 24% of the electorate."

However, Church attracted criticism, which she responded to on Twitter.