Charlotte Church's reasoning behind trolls attacking her online: 'I’ve got right up your goat'

Singer recently took part in the anti-austerity marches in London

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Charlotte Church has addressed the Twitter trolls and celebrities – such as Louise Mensch – attacking her on social media with a defiant message.

In a blog post published yesterday, the 29-year-old singer and anti-austerity campaigner wrote there was “some comfort” in being targeted so aggressively by trolls because: “It means I have a purpose.”

Much of the abuse listed by Church appears misogynistic in tone but the singer writes that "being the target of so much toothless abuse" means she feels she is "NOT useless."

She continues: “You may not like me, and that is entirely your prerogative. I’m far too long in the fang to worry about popularity; I’ve been doing this for ages now.

“But to detest me to such an extent that you would waste your time broadcasting said loathing means a) you have far too much time on your hands, haven’t you got candy to steal from babies, and b) I’ve got right up your goat.”

Church, in a neat reference to Game of Thrones, does admit to worrying about the online abuse and considering revenge – “(“Katie Hopkins, Andrew RT Davies, Louise Mensch, Paul Staines, The Hound…”)”.

In addition to anonymous abuse, Church has also been seriously criticised by prolific Twitter user Louise Mensch.

The child opera singer, who made forays into presenting and pop music, marched with the anti-austerity protest in London last weekend.

The peaceful demonstration attracted tens of thousands of supporters and was also supported by activist Russell Brand, and politicians from Green MP Caroline Lucas to Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn.