Ched Evans: Twitter's irony fuse blows as Oldham staff 'threatened' for considering signing convicted rapist

Evans' potential deal has been scrapped, and social media commentators - including Caitlin Moran -reacted accordingly

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Those who threatened Oldham Athletic staff over the potential signing of rapist Ched Evans have come under fire on social media.

This afternoon, it was announced that Oldham would not be signing convicted rapist Chedwyn Evans to play for their club, despite having said previously it was "80 per cent likely" to go ahead.

The club's New York-based owner, Simon Corney, had been keen to sign the player, who was given five years' jail time in 2012 for raping a drunk woman.


This afternoon the news broke that Evans would not be signed to the club in the face of sponsors, including Nando's, Verlin Rainwater and ZenOffice, pulling out and threats being made to members of Oldham Athletic staff.


Despite the petition against Evans being signed to the club reaching 24,000 signatures, celebrations were muted as Twitter users couldn't help but be disappointed by the irony of the situation.

Greater Manchester Police said that no threats had been reported to them at the time the news broke.