Chelsea Clinton gives birth to Bill and Hillary Clinton's first granddaughter

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is her first child with husband Marc Mezvinsky

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Chelsea Clinton has given birth to a daughter, the first grandchild of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

She and her husband, hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky, announced the news on Saturday morning, naming their child Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

Writing on Twitter, Ms Clinton, 34, said they were “full of love, awe and gratitude”.

Mr Clinton, the former US President, and his wife, who is deliberating whether to run for office in the White House in 2016, had spoken of their excitement leading up to the birth.

The former Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton, called being a grandmother her “most exciting title yet” and had delayed decisions about her campaign until the baby’s arrival.

During an interview at his annual Clinton Global Initiative event last week, her husband said he was trying not to become a “premature grandfather”.

“Every day I get up and I say, 'You have to remember whose child this is. Do not interfere. Be there when you are welcome. Be loving but not judgmental,” he added.

At the same event, Barack Obama quipped that if Ms Clinton went into labour during his speech she could have the Presidential motorcade.

Ms Clinton announced her pregnancy in April at a forum on female empowerment in New York.

Since growing up under intense media scrutiny as a teenager in the White House, she has pursued a career in finance in New York and in public health, becoming vice chairman of her family’s foundation.

Marc Mezvinsky, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton during their 2010 wedding in New York

She also served as a special correspondent at NBC and has degrees from Stamford and Columbia universities and a doctorate from the University of Oxford.

Ms Clinton and her future husband were friends as teenagers in Washington and both attended Stanford, marrying in 2010.

Mr Mezvinsky’s parents, former US House of Representatives member Majorie Margolies and and Edward Mezvinsky, are friends of the Clinton family.

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