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THE FINAL of the Eastman Cup, London's top knockout competition, took place a fortnight ago today with my own club, Wood Green, facing Ilford, whom they will also meet in the National Club Championship on 29 June, though in that case over only six boards.

Although heavily outgraded, and facing four grandmasters and an international master, Ilford held Wood Green on the top five of the 10 boards, partly as a result of the upset win below. But Wood Green also have great strength in depth and while the grading difference on the bottom five boards was considerably less we still defeated them 4-1 for a final scoreline of 6.5-3.5.

Nevertheless, it was an excellent fight by a team heavily outgunned, reminiscent of their fine performance in the European Club Cup last November when Ilford came within a whisker of defeating the powerful team from Reykjavik. Here is how their top board caused an upset against a strong grandmaster.

Wall played a nice positional game and after 34 Qa4! won easily. I suspect Ward should have played 25 ...bxa5, after which he's losing on the queenside but can concentrate more easily on his kingside attack.

White: Tim Wall

Black: Chris Ward

Larsen's Opening

1 b3 e5

2 Bb2 d6

3 c4 g6

4 Nf3 Bg7

5 e3 c5

6 Be2 f5

7 0-0 Nf6

8 d3 0-0

9 a3 Nc6

10 b4 Qe7

11 Nc3 b6

12 b5 Nd8

13 a4 Nf7

14 a5 Bb7

15 Nd2 g5

16 Bf3 g4

17 Bxb7 Qxb7

18 e4 f4

19 Nd5 h5

20 Ra3 Ng5

21 Qa1 f3

22 g3 Nh3+

23 Kh1 Bh6

24 Nxf6+! Rxf6

25 Nb1! Rff8

26 Nc3 Bd2

27 axb6 Bxc3

28 Bxc3 axb6

29 Ra6! h4

30 gxh4! Rxa6

31 bxa6 Qe7

32 Bd2 Ra8

33 Be3 Qa7

34 Qa4! Qxa6

35 Qd7 Qc8

36 Qxd6 Ra7

37 Qxb6 Rg7

38 h5 Qe8

39 h6 Rg6

40 Qxc5 Re6

41 Qd5 Kh7

42 Rb1 Kg6

43 c5 Kh5

44 h7 Re7

45 Rb7 Qa8

46 h8Q+ Qxh8

47 Rxe7 Kg6

48 Qe6+ 1-0