Chris Brown assault trial delayed until Wednesday

Brown's legal team seeking to persuade bodyguard to testify in rapper's case

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Chris Brown's assault trial has been postponed until Wednesday after his bodyguard, who was due to testify in the case, was found guilty of assault in a separate trial by the same judge.

US prosecutors are now discussing whether to grant immunity to bodyguard Christopher Hollosy to allow him to testify in Brown's assault trial later this week.

Both Brown and Hollosy were arrested in October last year after a man accused them of punching him outside a Washington hotel as he tried to take a picture with the rapper.

Hollosy told police he punched the man to stop him from getting on Brown's bus tour.

Passing her guilty verdict, Judge Patricia Wynn said Hollosy's actions could not be justified as there was no evidence that 20-year old Parker Adams tried to attack the men.

Hollosy is expected to appeal his conviction but, unless prosecutor grant him immunity, his testimony in Brown's trial could be used be used against him in his appeal. His lawyer, Bernard Grimm, has confirmed he plans to invoke his client's constitutional rights against self-incrimination.

The rapper's legal team is now seeking a way to get Hollosy to testify for Brown before is he sentenced on 25 June, claiming his testimony is crucial to the rapper's case where he would be expected to say that he, and not the R&B star, punched the 20-year old man.

Brown, who is facing a misdemeanor charge, could receive probation in the District of Columbia if found guilty. The rapper has a second hearing scheduled for Wednesday in Los Angeles to review whether he violated his probation after being convicted in 2009 of assaulting ex- girlfriend Rihanna.