Chris Brown, currently in jail pending assault trial, claims he is not a prisoner

The RnB singer demands more luxurious treatment

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Chris Brown, currently remanded in custody for telling a group therapy session that he was “good at using guns and knives”, has claimed that he is not a prisoner and therefore should not be treated like one.

The troubled RnB star was apparently outraged by the U.S. Attorney’s plans to transport him from his current holding in Los Angeles to Washington D.C. handcuffed via Con Air ahead of his trial for alleged assault later this month.

His lawyer, March Geragos, appeared in court yesterday to argue that his client should be released from the Los Angeles facility in a few weeks so that he can make his own (presumably far more luxurious) travel arrangements to court in D.C.

Putting Brown on a Con Air flight would, legal documents filed by Geragos and obtained by TMZ claim, deprive him of his right to spend adequate time preparing for his trial on 17 April with his lawyer.

A judge ordered the singer to remain in jail, after it emerged he told a group therapy session that he was “good at using guns and knives” in response to an exercise in which Brown was asked to reflect on things he was good or excelled at.

Brown will be remanded in jail until a probation violation hearing following his arrest at a California-based rehab centre.

The facility cited three other violations of its rules, claiming Brown refused to take a drug test, made a statement that alarmed rehab officials, and was seen touching the elbow of a female client.