Chris Brown performs surgery on enemy Drake in terrifying ESPY Awards sketch

Leaning over his body wielding sharp tools, Brown shouts “YOLO!” at his former enemy before he loses consciousness

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It’s the stuff of many people’s nightmares – to wake up and find Chris Brown in surgery blues standing over an anaesthetised body.

Even more so for Drake, as the Canadian rapper has been locked in a bitter feud with the singer after Brown was convicted of assaulting mutual ex-girlfriend Rihanna ahead of the Grammys in 2009.

It reached a heated pinnacle in 2012, when they were allegedly embroiled in a nightclub brawl in Manhattan over mutual ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Drake, who was accompanied by a menacing 15-strong entourage at the time, was accused of inciting the fight after rejecting a peace offering from Brown (a $2,000 bottle of Ace of Shades Champagne delivered to his table) which, it was claimed, he sent back with a note that read: “I’m still f**king Rihanna”.

But the pair appear to have finally gotten over it – first by posting a picture of them working on an undisclosed project in a studio this week, and now by releasing this, a comedy sketch sending up their very public falling out to promote the ESPY Awards.

In the clip, the “Loyal Singer” plays the surprise surgeon as Drake goes under anaesthetic.

Leaning over his body wielding sharp tools, Brown shouts “YOLO!” at his former enemy before he loses consciousness.

Even more frightening, as Brown was recently jailed after telling a support group in a rehabilitation centre that he was "good with knives and guns".

Brown appears on stage again towards the end of the video, as Drake is pictured tied up backstage.

The main focus of the rest of the sketch is actually a mock-feud between Drake and NBA basketball star Blake Griffin, who compete to have their names at the front of an action movie they are both starring in.

Drake was the host for the ceremony, which took place on Wednesday 16 July. It celebrated elite athletes and sports teams in the USA.

He recently announced that he would be releasing his new album, Views From The 6, in spring 2015.