Chris Pratt admits he didn't understand what impotent meant when discussing his weight

Actor is currently promoting Jurassic World release

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Chris Pratt has admitted he did not know what impotent meant when he discussed his weight.

The 35-year-old actor, currently doing endless press conferences and interviews ahead of the latest Jurassic World release, told Access Hollywood he was “not sure I knew what ‘impotent’ meant when I said it.”

Pratt, married to actress Anna Faris, explained that during his heaviest period – where he weighed approximately 21 stone – he had a lower sex drive.

“I had a lower sex drive, to be honest with you,” he told the presenter. “Everything about my spirit was dull, I didn’t feel great and I think people will relate to that.”

”I was impotent, fatigued, emotionally depressed,' he had told reporters earlier in the press tour.


Pratt continued to Access Hollywood that his weight affected him hugely. “And it will affect you, not just physically, not just the way you look, but how you feel and how your spirit feels and how your penis feels – especially the penis part.”

He joked that Faris missed his old body and commented: “He’ll be back, the sooner we’ll be done with these movies I’ll be fat again. My wife will be safe from me and I’ll be making no more sexual advances, I’ll just be eating and drinking.”

Pratt first came to attention as overweight character Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, carving out a role from a character originally intended to make nothing more than a brief appearance.

Following his casting as Peter Quill on Guardians of the Galaxy, he was forced to get into shape, shedding much of his weight in a dramatic change.