Chris Pratt shows fans the toy version of his Jurassic World character – Lego Owen – is having a great time in Japan

‘Lego Owen’ has been to Happo-en, the Tokyo Tower and the Zojoji Temple

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Chris Pratt has been showing his fans that ‘Lego Owen’, the Lego version of his Jurassic World character, is having a great time as part of the film’s global press tour in Japan.

“In this hectic world Lego Owen takes a moment to reflect along with some fish and his dope ass Raptor squad at Happo-en, a traditional Japanese garden,” he said, posting a picture on his Instagram account showing Lego Owen stood looking out onto the water, flanked by two Lego Raptors.

Lego Owen has also been pictured over the past 24 hours in front of the Tokyo Tower while holding what appear to be Lego knives, and he has been seen looking ready for action while standing on his motorbike in front of the Zojoji Temple.


Pratt has had fun with Lego Owen before, but it’s been about six weeks since the toy has been shot in front of international landmarks. His last appearance was in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, in Paris’s Republique Square, and finally in London.