Church appointments

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The following appointments have been announced by the Church of England:

The Rev Phyllis Bates, Parish Deacon (NSM), St Dionis, Parsons Green: to be Assistant Curate (NSM), St Paul, Hammersmith (London).

The Rev John Beech, Vicar, Ellingham and Harbridge and Ibsley (Winchester): to be Chaplain to Whiteley Village (Guildford).

The Rev George Bush, Chaplain of St John's College, Cambridge: to be Vicar, St Anne, Hoxton with St Columba (London).

The Rev Roy Findlayson, Team Vicar, Christ the King, in charge of St Aidan, Brunton Park: to be Vicar, Newcastle St Francis (Newcastle).

The Rev Peter Harrison, Team Rector, Drypool Team Ministry and Area Dean of East Hull: to be also a non-residentary Canon of York (York).

Canon John Hayden, Team Vicar, Ipswich St Mary at Stoke with St Peter, Stoke Park Drive: to be Priest-in-charge, St Mary and St Peter, Bury St Edmunds, and the first Chairman of Bury St Edmunds Group Ministry (St Edmundsbury and Ipswich).

The Rev John Hindley, Priest-in-charge, Tilbrook with Covington and Catworth, and Bythorn with Keyston, and Rural Dean of Leightonstone: to be also Priest-in-charge, Great Gidding with Little Gidding and Steeple Gidding with Winwick (Ely).

The Rev John Isaacs, Chaplain of King's School, Ely: to be Priest-in-charge, Denver with Ryston and Roxham and West Dereham (Ely).

The Rev David Lewis, Assistant Curate, Oakham with Hambleton, Egleton, Braunston and Brooke (Peterborough): to be Rector, St Peter and St Paul, Ewhurst (Guildford).

The Rev Mary Macvicar, permission to officiate, diocese Portsmouth: to be Assistant Curate (NSM), Portsmouth Cathedral (Portsmouth).

The Rev Alison Pledger, Parish Deacon, Soham: to be Assistant Curate, Ely with Prickwillow and Chettisham (Ely).

The Rev John Schofield, Assistant Director of Continuing Ministerial Education (St Albans): to be Diocesan Director of Ministerial Training (Guildford).

The Rev Richard Seabrook, Assistant Curate, Cottingham (York): to be Assistant Curate, Holy Trinity, Hawley (Guildford).

The Rev Brian Shenton, Rector, and Vicar, St Mary's with St Laurence, Reading: to be also Assistant Rural Dean of Reading (Oxford).

Canon Stephen Sidebotham, Rector, St George, Gravesend (Rochester): to be Warden of Acorn Healing Trust at Whitehill Chase (Guildford).

The Rev Anthony Treen, Rector, Walpole St Peter with St Andrew, and Priest-in-charge, Marshland St James: to be also Rural Dean of Lynn Marshland (Ely).

The Rev David Willey, Rector, High Halstow with Allhallows and Hoo, St Mary: to be Rector, St George, Gravesend and Priest-in-charge, Rosherville (Rochester).


The Rev Peter Amor, Rector, St Dunstan's, Monks Risborough (Oxford): to retire as from 31 July.

The Rev Malcolm Cherry, Team Vicar, Chipping Barnet with Arkley: District: Arkley (St Albans): retired as from 30 April.

The Rev John Copping, Vicar, Cookham Dean: retired as Rural Dean of Maidenhead (Oxford) as from 11 April.

Canon Peter Croft, Sub Dean of Guildford Cathedral (Guildford): to retire as from 31 July.

The Rev John Cull, Priest-in-charge, Walton St Mary (St Edmundsbury and Ipswich): to retire as from 31 October.

The Rev Maurice Furlonger, Honorary Curate, Diptford, North Huish, Harberton and Harbertonford (Exeter): resigned as from 15 May.

The Rev James Hansen, Priest-in-charge, Chelmsford, St Andrew (Chelmsford): to resign as from 24 July.

The Rev Roger Hawkins, Chaplain to Whiteley Village (Guildford): to retire as from 30 June.

The Rev Peter Hiscock, Team Vicar, Christ the King, in charge of Dinnington, and Rural Dean of Newcastle Central (Newcastle): to retire as from 31 July.

Canon Bernard Lloyd, Rector, Danbury (Chelmsford): to retire as from 31 October and then to be appointed a Canon Emeritus of Chelmsford Cathedral.

The Rev Geoffrey Marsden, Priest-in-charge, Polstead St Mary (St Edmundsbury and Ipswich): to retire as from 31 December.

The Rev Richard Sigrist, Rector, Sid Valley Team Ministry (Exeter): to resign as from 30 June.

The Rev Martyn Webster, Vicar, Walham Green, St John and St James (London): to resign as from 3 July.