CNN anchor Sally Kohn causes controversy after saying she hopes her daughter is gay

Kohn said: 'I'm gay. And I want my kid to be gay too'

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Journalist Sally Kohn has sparked a row by saying that she wants her daughter to turn out to be a lesbian.

In a Washington Post article, Kohn wrote: "I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too."

She continued: "Many of my straight friends, even the most liberal, see this logic as warped. It’s one thing for them to admit that they would prefer their kids to be straight, something they’ll only begrudgingly confess. But wanting my daughter to be a lesbian? I might as well say I want her to grow up to be lactose intolerant."

Kohn, who was a Fox News commentator until 2013, argued that being gay had been a huge boon for her life, and that she wanted the same in the future for her daughter, who is six years old.

"Being gay opened my eyes to the world around me," she wrote. "Learning that not every gay person had it as good as I did helped me realize that a lot of people in general didn’t have it as good as I did. I wouldn’t be a politically engaged human being, let alone an activist, writer and TV personality, if I weren’t gay."


She also argued that she'd support her child no matter who they were and what they wanted, regardless of what other people think. "No matter what, I’d want my child to be herself. If I lived in, say, North Carolina, with an adopted son from Morocco, I’d like to think I would encourage him to be Muslim, if that’s what he chose. I’d do this even though his life would probably be easier if he didn’t."

Kohn added that her daughter was "already boy-crazy" and admitted to being an "overbearing pro-gay mom".

Some 2,500 commenters went to town on Kohn, with some describing her as a "sorry state" and saying that her "lifestyle" is "repulsive".

However, Kohn did garner support from some liberal commentators. LGBT activist and former White House staff member Richard Socarides said he understood the point Kohn was making and wished he'd written the article.

Kohn lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her daughter and partner.