Cody Simpson donates his Twitter account to a Syrian refugee

The singer launched the #ShareHumanity initiative

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Cody Simpson handed over his Twitter account to a Syrian refugee to launch a digital storytelling initiative highlighting human suffering endured every day across the globe.

Simpson gave Thair Orfahli an important platform to describe the harrowing journey he made from Syria to Austria in order to flee civil war and the Islamist terror group Isis.

The Australian singer is one of number of musicians, actors and public figures who will donate their Twitter and Facebook accounts over the coming days to allow people from crisis-hit countries such as Syria and Afghanistan share their stories.

Orfahli documented his fight to reach Europe from Syria in tweets on Wednesday after a quick introduction from Simpson.


The United Nations #ShareHumanity initiative will mark World Humanitarian Day 2015.

“We’re calling on the young and digitally-connected to help us push out these compelling stories and give a voice to the voiceless,” said Stephen O’Brien, UN Humanitarian Chief. “Young people often ask me what they can do to help and I believe we have a shared responsibility to raise awareness and help to inspire humanity on these global issues.”

Visit for more information on the #sharehumanity campaign.