Coleen Rooney hits out at 'thick' people criticising her taking for children to World Cup

Wayne Rooney's wife has come under fire for her husband's performance

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Coleen Rooney has called people “thick” on Twitter for criticising her decision to take her two children to Brazil to support husband Wayne Rooney.

She tweeted a picture with her two sons on Monday but not everyone was enthusiastic about their journey to the World Cup.

One user wrote: “Dragging a 4 year old and a baby half way around the world...just so you can get another holiday.”

Coleen furiously replied: “Why are people so thick!!! so we can support and see our daddy/husband.”

The family flew in a private jet to Rio de Janeiro, reportedly with 15 suitcases in tow.

On Twitter, she said there were more people in the party than her and the kids and she was carrying “nappies, formula milk, toys, bottles, wipes, and a lot of clothes to stay to the end of the tournament".

“I have faith and support my country!” she added.

England may need more than faith in their crucial match against Uruguay on Thursday after a 2-1 loss against Italy.

Rooney’s performance in the match was heavily criticised by fans and pundits, who blamed a missed goal chance for the loss.

His wife, 28, told cynics to “take his place” and see how they get on.