Comedian who appeared on Katie Hopkins panel show gives his fee to "all the people she hates"

The video spread on social media as Bobby Mair got one up on Hopkins

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Katie Hopkins got people talking earlier this year when it was confirmed she was getting her own talk show.

But one comedian has used the platform for good, not evil, by donating his fee to people who Hopkins has typically lashed out at in her many, many offensive columns.

Bobby Mair, a Canadian comic who has appeared on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Virtually Famous and Russell Howard’s Good News, said in a video on his Youtube channel that he only appeared on If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World because the money was really good, though he did not confirm the amount he was paid.

He chose to give out some of his earnings to people who Hopkins has publicly spoken out about, such as fat people, people with ‘common’ names like Tyler and people with dark skin, who she said were like “feral humans” that were “spreading like the norovirus”.




An “older person” even appeared, defending his right to live after Hopkins said she’d like to drive around in a euthanasia van and kill people who took too long to die.

It’s all quite uplifting and life-affirming, the idea of a comic using his money to spread good deeds, until he asks one older gentleman what he’d say to Katie Hopkins if she were there, only for him to wish that she’d go to bed with him. Hmm.