Courtney Love blasts Francois Hollande after her taxi is 'attacked' by anti-Uber protesters and driver 'held hostage' in Paris

Hole singer claimed she would be safer in Baghdad than Paris

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Courtney Love has claimed she would be safer in Baghdad than in Paris after the car she was travelling in was allegedly attacked by protesters during a demonstration against the taxi firm Uber’s ride-sharing service.

The outspoken Hole singer published a string of furious tweets asking the French President François Hollande where his “f***ing police” were after her car was apparently attacked by picketers shortly after leaving an airport.

Love claimed she was chased by a mob of rock-throwing taxi-drivers who were blocking motorways leading to major Paris airports.

She also tweeted a picture appearing to show the window of her taxi covered in egg yolk and claimed to have passed two members of the police, but said they did not come to her assistance.

Love also shared a video on Instagram claiming protesters had been trying to open the doors to her vehicle, writing: "The first car was destroyed, all tires slashed and beat with bats, these guys trying to open the doors and the cops are doing nothing?? French Taliban? civil reform needed in France?? I want to go home."

Pictures emerging from Marseille and Paris show cars overturned and burning tyres rolling down the streets. Riot police attending the protest have already deployed tear gas and used baton charges in an attempt to calm the unrest.

Many suspected Uber cars were targeted by demonstrators who are angry about the competition posed by unlicensed Uber cars.