'Dancing Man' Sean O'Brien gets his LA party - complete with sport, celebrities and dancing partners

A group of women promised Sean O'Brien, 46, a glitzy star-studded night in Hollywood

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The ‘Dancing Man’ who became an internet hero after he was fat-shamed by trolls has just had a wild party in LA with some of the coolest celebs around.

Sean O’Brien, from Liverpool, was ridiculed by bullies after a video of him dancing popped up on viral news channel 4Chan earlier this year.

But a group of women who saw the post got together to find out who he was – and the hashtag #finddancingman was born.

The women promised Sean, 46, a glitzy star-studded night in Hollywood, and amazingly, Sean found out about the campaign and took to Twitter to proclaim his existence.

US writer Cassandra Fairbanks was integral to the cause:

This weekend Sean danced and partied with the likes of Monica Lewinksy, former mistress of Bill Clinton, singer Meghan Trainor, while DJ Moby spun on the desks.

Rockstar Andrew WK also got involved:

When the online trolls posted their viral video of Sean they captioned it: “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

But only love was shown to Sean, who told the Mirror he had the night of his life at the party.

"I've met so many fantastic people. I danced with Meghan Trainor and Monica Lewinsky even bought me a foot massage for tomorrow morning - in case my feet are sore from dancing!

"It's been the best night of my life - apart from when Everton winning the league - and then when they won the cup in 1995.”

Sean said he was “overwhelmed” by the whole experience, which also included an appearance on the Today Show in New York, and a trip to a sports event with the likes of actress Katy Dolle…

The party also sparked huge donations to anti-bullying charities, as celebs shared photos of Sean’s honorary shindig on social media.