Daniel Radcliffe recalls meeting Donald Trump as a child - and how the mogul said a 'fantastically Trump-ish thing'

Trump had some words of advice for the nervous actor

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Daniel Radcliffe claims Donald Trump said a quintessentially "Trump-ish thing" when he met him on a television show as a child.

The outspoken billionaire has made unwavering self-belief a hallmark of his provocative presidential campaign, but Radcliffe’s encounter demonstrates Trump’s lack of modesty long predates his Republican run. 

The Horns actor, who recently endorsed Jeremy Corbyn ahead of his successful bid for the Labour leadership, ran into Trump on the Today Show when he was promoting the first Harry Potter film. 

“He said a fantastically Donald Trump-ish thing,” Radcliffe told The Big Issue.

“I hadn’t done much live TV before. Trump was on before me and when he came off, someone thought it would be good to introduce him to the kid who plays Harry Potter. 

“I told him I was nervous because I didn’t know what to talk about. He just said, in a very charming way – and I mean that – 'You just tell them that you met Mr Trump!' And I think I probably did.”