Danny Dyer doesn't know why he's a gay icon

The Eastenders actor, who plays Mick Carter in the long-running soap, has appeared on the cover of Attitude magazine

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Danny Dyer, Britain’s hardest man (according to himself), is also the nation’s most confused.

Much like the rest of us, he’s not sure why he’s ever been considered an “icon” among the LGBT community, despite building an entire career out of being a professional geezer actor.

“I don’t know about this gay icon title I have been given,” said the Eastenders  star.

“I know some gay men look up to me for some of the movies and plays I have done and they have always supported me quietly.

“I suppose being on EastEnders they are thinking: ‘Well done. We always knew you had it in you’.”

Dyer was praised for playing the role of Mick Carter in the long-running soap. In particular, for his involvement in a storyline, broadcast earlier this year, in which his son, Johnny Carter (Sam Strike), comes out as gay.

“Mick Carter is the closest I have played to myself,” he continues. “This gangster hardman s**t is all bollocks, you get pigeon holed.

“My life has changed, being a part of a show which I never thought I would be part of.”

The show became the subject of homophobic abuse on social media after it aired a gay kiss between Johnny Carter, played by Sam Strike, and Danny Pennant, played by former Hollyoaks alumni Gary Lucy in January.

Out of the 7.8million who tuned in to watch the scene, the BBC received official complaint from just two viewers.

“2014, and gay teens kissing on a soap still draws complaints. Makes me even prouder to have written that ep,” Eastenders writer Pete Lawson posted on Twitter at the time.

“10 years ago Coronation Street had complaints when I wrote Todd kissing Nick... now complaints about EastEnders gay kiss... no progress,” Darren Little, another of the writers who contributed to the storyline, added.

Dyer defended against criticism by saying that if his part had helped young, gay men feel better about coming out, then he was "proud". He also posed on the cover of the March issue of Attitude magazine, alongside Sam Strike.