David Beckham has said he is proud of his son Cruz for releasing a charity Christmas single days after he was accused of “pimping out” his son.

Last week, the 11-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham premiered his Christmas single “If Every Day Was Christmas”, of which all the proceeds go to the charity  Make Some Noise which is the in-house charity for Global radio stations and targets disadvantaged children and young people.

Cruz’s initial steps into stardom generated much hype and attention and soon enough Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan sparked a row.

Embroiling himself in an argument, with Cruz’s manager Scooter Braun – who is famously at the helm of Justin Bieber’s meteoric rise – Morgan accused the Beckham’s of “exploiting” their son “for commercial gain” while Braun accused the former newspaper editor of hypocrisy by highlighting his own work judging children on Britain’s Got Talent. 

The Beckham parents did not immediately respond to the furore, but the former England football captain has now defended his son's singing career saying he is still working hard at school and it was his idea to make a song to benefit a charity.

“”Cruz came for us very recently and said, ‘How about I do a Christmas song and all the proceeds go to charity?’”, Beckham told Good Morning America. “There’s nothing more to this than that at the moment. He’s 11-years-old, he’s still at school, he’s still concentrating at school, that’s the most important thing but he wanted to give back. 

“He’s done this amazing little Christmas song which has got a lot of attention and we’re very proud of him because he came to us with the idea. It’s kinda cool and he’s having fun.”


Cruz is the third eldest Beckham son after 17-year-old Brooklyn, who is already establishing himself as a social media star and novice fashion photographer, and Romeo, 14, who has already for Burberry. Their younger sister Harper is five-years-old.