David Beckham mobbed: Frightening footage of fan crush as star abandons visit to youth team following MLS announcement

When the crowd began to surge and trample each other, the star was advised to leave for the safety and security of the public

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David Beckham was forced to abandon his scheduled visit to a young football team following his big Major League Soccer announcement after he was mobbed by hundreds of fans and members of the press.

Frightening footage has emerged of the crowd crush, which occurred as the former England international posed for photographs at a pre-arranged meet-and-greet.

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But the situation quickly got out of hand, as fans pulled the sports ambassador to and fro in a desperate bid to get his attention.

The star was actually set to play a match with the children, but didn't make it even halfway across the pitch before he was advised to leave for the safety of the public.

His convoy was pulled over by local police as he attempted to make an exit, in order for law enforcement officers to get the situation under control.

The traffic had started to build up as seemingly delirious fans piled into the road.

Beckham apparently spent the rest of the afternoon viewing potential houses to buy ahead of his plans to build a Miami MLS franchise, which will see him bring some of the world’s best players to the USA.

The deal will be finalised once he secures a location for a new station and a financing plan.

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