David Cameron declares himself fan of Games of Thrones (sic) at PMQs

PM fudged referenced to Queen's visit to set of HBO show

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As if David Cameron referencing his chilled out boxset nights in parliament wasn't wince-inducing enough, he has managed to mispronounce Game of Thrones "Games of Thrones" to many groans on Twitter.

The prime minister said he was "jealous" of the Queen's visit to the set of the HBO show this week, but I'd question how au fait with the series he really is if he's unsure of its very title.

That said, Cameron is also apparently a big fan of "Breaking Bads", "Orange Is The New Blue", "Soprano" and his best show, "True Policeman".

"I’m extremely jealous of Her Majesty for being able to look on the iron throne and meet the cast of Games of Thrones," he told MPs this afternoon.

The Queen royally disappointed the internet yesterday when she hovered near the Iron Throne on the set in Northern Ireland but didn't actually sit on it – a photo opportunity which it was feared may actually break the internet.