David Cameron 'third most popular leader in world after after Barack Obama and Angela Merkel'

Mr Cameron is less liked at home however, where he has a net rating of minus seven points

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David Cameron is the third most popular leader on the world stage after Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, according to a survey of 64,000 people in 65 countries.

Mr Obama is the most highly regarded leader, according to the poll by WIN/Gallup International. Three in five people (59 per cent) have a favourable view of the US President, while one in three (29 per cent) views him unfavourably. But he is less popular at home, where his net rating –the difference between those regarding him favourably and unfavourably --stands at minus 12 points.

President Obama and Vladimir Putin are by far the most recognised leaders on the global stage.  Although the Russian President is popular in his own country, with a net rating of plus 72 points, he is unloved in other parts of the world, with an overall net score of minus 10 points.

Ms Merkel is the second most liked leader among the 10 included in the survey. Although the German Chancellor has a net score of minus six points in her own country following her “open door” policy in the refugee crisis, her overall rating around the world  rating is plus 13 points.

Mr Cameron is regarded favourably by 37 per cent and unfavourably by 28 per cent overall. But he, too, is liked less at home, where he has a net rating of minus seven points. Unlike Mr Obama, the Prime Minister is popular in China, whose leaders he has wooed in pursuit of trade and investment in the UK.  Mr Cameron appears to have plenty of admirers in Vietnam, Fiji, Bangladesh, Columbia, Ukraine, Kosovo and India.

Johnny Heald, managing director of ORB International which is part of the WIN/GIA network, said: “The UK still carries some weight around the world and together with the Queen, David Cameron is often the figurehead.  Despite our contentious relationship with the EU, the Prime Minister is generally well regarded across Europe.  He also performs well in North America but significantly less well than Chancellor Merkel and [France’s] President Hollande across the Middle East.”

Mr Hollande has a net favourability ratings of plus six around the world, but remains unpopular in France, where his net score is minus 47 points.

In the UK, Mr Obama is the most popular of the 10 leaders, with a net score of plus 44 points. The most unloved is Mr Putin, with a rating of minus 51 points.

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