David Cassidy gives excruciating interview on This Morning with Eamonn Holmes

The actor who played Keith Partridge had little time for personal questions on This Morning today

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David Cassidy proved a tough interviewee for presenter Eamonn Holmes earlier today, rebuffing the majority of his questions.

When asked about his recent family and financial problems on ITV’s This Morning, the 70s entertainer got rather defensive.

Questions about the break-up of his marriage and the consequent financial implications received a contentious response as Cassidy told the hosts: "It's a difficult journey when you're going through a divorce, is it not for anyone? Wait, wait, wait, don't interrupt me."

When the Sunrise presenter probed Cassidy about declaring bankruptcy, his reaction was to question the reason for inviting him on the show, asking: “Are you just here to rubbish me?”

Eamonn Holmes later tweeted that it possibly topped his rather awkward interview with David Blaine.

He also suggested Cassidy’s suitability for reality TV.