David Starkey infuriates Radio 4 listeners by talking over everybody and calling himself 'great' on Today programme

This wasn't his most controversial turn, but people were still irritated

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David Starkey is well-known for his divisive opinions, but on Thursday morning he managed to annoy people just by talking about the Magna Carta.

Continually speaking over the presenter and fellow guest, human rights barrister Baroness Helena Kennedy, Starkey was accused of being "obnoxious" by listeners.

Starkey was appearing on Radio 4's flagship current affairs programme, Today, to promote his book Magna Carta: The True Story Behind The Charter.

Kennedy praised Starkey, saying: "David is an academic and a great historian", describing his book as "fun to read", but Starkey wasn't interested in returning the compliment, instead choosing to insult Kennedy.


"Lawyers are no good as historians," he argued.

"No, Helena, let's correct facts," he later said to gales of incredulous laughter. "I am the historian, as you have pointed out, and I am a great historian."

Kennedy said: "David you're being pedantic," to which he responded with outrage: "I'm not!"

During the interview, Starkey repeatedly accuses Kennedy of peddling "myth" and saying: "Noooo, noooo", while talking over her.

While Starkey's appearance on the programme was in no way as controversial as the time he said "the whites have become black" during a discussion about the London riots in 2011.

This week, Starkey gave an interview to The Telegraph, saying that ethnic minority groups were too willing to assume "victim" status.

However, that didn't stop listeners reacting with amazement: