Davina McCall confesses she still attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings after suffering from heroin addiction

The TV presenter also explains why she abstains from drinking

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Davina McCall still attends regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings to ensure she doesn’t relapse into the addiction spiral she struggled in when she was dependent on heroin in her Twenties.

To this day, the TV presenter also admits she abstains from drinking even one glass of wine, because, she says, she “can’t have one of anything”.

Speaking to the Mirror about the support group she turns to at least once a month, McCall said: “I do still go to meetings because I just think that NA is brilliant - a very, very clever system.

“I've always been really nervous talking about it though, because obviously it's an anonymous thing.

“But it really does work and I've had an awful lot of support from NA over the years.

“It's sort of a misnomer that people only go when they're about to relapse or they really need help.”

Davina McCall during her gruelling 500 mile Sports Relief triathlon

“It's not the Moonies, it's not some weird cult - it's just a place where people get help and support,” she continued. “I get a lot from it.”

McCall, whose impressive fitness saw her undertake the 500 mile swim, cycle and run from Edinburgh to London last year, hopes her candid admission will inspire others to seek help and talk about their problems.


“More than anything, it is about always being vigilant, making sure I top up my recovery and reminding myself of where it’s going to take me,” she added.

“And I hope some people might get stuff from me going. If they think they might have a problem, try an open meeting where anyone can attend.”

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