Diary: Adrian and Christine who?

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So the mildly anticipated romcom Morning Glory finally comes to British screens.

This column was the first to report that ITV bosses wanted to name their new breakfast show Daybreak, but I presumed they'd change their minds upon learning it was also the name of the ratings-bomb breakfast show in the film.

Harrison Ford stars as a grumpy television veteran lured to the programme with the promise of a vast salary. Interviewing his co-star Rachel McAdams yesterday, Christine Bleakley admitted much of the movie was "very close to the truth" (the salaries, the ratings, the mediocrity).

At the premiere, I asked Patrick Wilson, who also appears in the film, what he thought Bleakley and Chiles might do to boost their audience figures.

"Have the hosts put on sumo suits and fight it out?" he replied.

While BBC Breakfast scored a studio interview with Ford, Daybreak's presenters were forced to up sticks to Claridge's for a meeting with the star. Still, it must be a novelty to meet someone who earns more than they do.

* The former future Labour leader Miliband (D) has (allegedly) considered a number of career options since his troublesome brother forced an untimely retirement from the front bench: teacher, television presenter, ambassador to Washington, cheese-shop owner. Now, however, he looks set to have killed his political career for good by flirting with a place on the board of Sunderland FC.

As he'll discover if he's paying attention on the Tyne and Wear derby day this Sunday, the decision spells electoral disaster: Miliband (D)'s South Shields constituency is almost equidistant from Sunderland and Newcastle, making around 50 per cent of his constituents – by my calculation – Newcastle supporters. Earlier this week I reported rumours that Arsenal-supporting Miliband (D) was more of a "real football fan" than his brother, so of course the person this reflects most badly on is actually Miliband (E), no?

* As by-election day dawns in Old & Sad, disgraced outgoing MP Phil Woolas has finally broken cover, bullishly declaring to the Manchester Evening News that his Labour replacement Debbie Abrahams is a shoo-in. "What happened to me will work in Labour's favour," Woolas claims. "The feedback I have had is that people in the constituency did not like two judges coming up from London and telling them who to vote for." Forgive me, Phil, but I'm not sure they were especially keen on your unpleasant electoral literature, either.

* Meanwhile, elsewhere on the campaign trail, BBC North broadcast footage of "29 shags" Clegg apparently kicking a baby – or its pushchair, at least. The Deputy PM then made things worse by blaming the bothersome Newsnight political editor Michael Crick for knocking him off balance. (Nothing's ever his fault, is it?) The child's father later took to Twitter to kill the story, saying "Nick Clegg didn't knock over my daughter!" Sadly, the lawyers tell me I'm not allowed to ignore that bit.

* You'd think the impending Royal nuptials would strike a blow at the cold, unfeeling heart of Republicanism. Not so, insists Graham Smith, spokesman for the Ronseal-like Republican group, Republic. Smith says they've been "inundated" with support since Wills and Kate's engagement was announced, and he's "confident the wedding will be a game-changer for our campaign". Which is why he and his colleagues are flying to Stockholm this weekend to meet with leaders of the Swedish Republican Association, who claim to have energised the anti-monarchist movement around the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010. Last time I checked, however, she was still the Crown Princess.

* It's not just me and his constituents who won't be hearing from the inveterate walker Rory Stewart, MP, the former soldier, adventurer, diplomat and academic recently compared – by himself – to the demigod Achilles. Ticket-holders for the 5x15 initiative's latest "true stories" event (due to take place on Monday 17th) were disappointed to receive an email informing them that Stewart, its star turn, would not be attending after all. Lucky for them, he's to be replaced by the journalist Emma Forrest, who used to go out with Colin Farrell. Much more interesting!