Diary: Read on – no plot spoiler

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The publishing world is somewhat bewildered by a set of paparazzi shots that's doing the rounds. At first glance, the photos seem relatively standard: a world-famous film star performing a scene for his/her new movie. Unfortunately, these particular pictures, from the London set of One Day, a Hollywood adaptation of David Nicholls' novel, contain a glaring plot spoiler – which I shan't reveal here, film fans. On Monday, the pictures appeared on gossip website Gawker; then they were in yesterday's Daily Telegraph. Publishers Hodder are justifiably perplexed. Nicholls, appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival yesterday, preferred not to comment. Luckily, plenty of people already know what happens in One Day: the rom-dram has sold 300,000 paperbacks in the UK, and is currently fifth on The New York Times bestseller list. Rather than ruin any endings here, I've picked a nice photo of one of the film's stars, Anne Hathaway (who may or may not appear in the aforementioned paparazzi shots) looking gorgeous at some premiere instead.

* I hear the Coalition has earned a rather more formidable critic than the brothers Miliband. Burma's Democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, is upset about cuts to the BBC World Service – particularly the BBC Burmese Service, which celebrates its 70th birthday on 2 September. According to her lawyer, Kyi Win, who met her this week, Ms Suu Kyi, 65, "heard that the BBC could be facing some funding problems due to the current economic situation in Britain and the BBC Burmese Service might be facing cuts rather than expansion. She is very concerned about the situation as the people in Burma are relying on [the] BBC... for news and information." Not a view to be taken lightly, Mr Culture Secretary. (Tomorrow: Nelson Mandela slams the schools budget.)

* Proof the police and media are co-operating in a cover-up: the famous revolving sign outside Scotland Yard hasn't turned since Sunday, yet stock footage of the triangular totem in action continues to roll on the TV news channels. Hearing of the stoppage, I called the Scotland Yard press office, only to find them a tad miffed that I was the first to enquire about it. "We prepared [a response] on Sunday, and TV cameras have been filming outside since then, but no one seems to have noticed that the sign isn't moving!" After a spot of essential maintenance work, I'm told, it ought to be spinning again by the end of the week.

* The police have also taken a close interest in this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Last week, comic Dave Whitney was arrested for allegedly head-butting a heckler. Now there's the small matter of under-age nudity. In his show Taking Liberties, stand-up Sanderson Jones, aged 28, displays an image of a naked Brooke Shields, aged 10. The photograph, by Garry Gross, was removed from Tate Modern last year over fears that it broke obscenity laws. Jones, whose theme is freedom of expression, advertises his show as for over-16s only. But a stray listing misprint suggested it was suitable for 12-year-olds. One punter brought along her 14-year-old daughter, and subsequently complained to the police. "I also do some live Chat Roulette," Jones explains sheepishly. "During this particular show, an exhibitionist couple on the website had filmed themselves very up close and personal whilst, er... 'going at it'. The policeman I spoke to was understanding; I hope his colleagues come to the show as part of the investigation. Then I could sell out the weekend."

* A delicious Twitter "fail" from the National Theatre. "Sincere apologies," wrote the official custodian of the NT's tweets on Wednesday evening, "the NT believes its account has been hacked. Earlier tweet in response to Standard article did not come from the NT." Luckily, said earlier tweet (by some lucky password-hacker, or disgruntled ex-NT employee) is still in a cache somewhere, with its link to a quote from former Tory mayoral candidate Steven Norris: "I think the National Theatre should have a Compulsory Demolition Order," Norris told the Evening Standard. "Well," responded the trespassing twitterer, "Steve Norris is clearly a giant c**t."