Man About Town: Turning a morning after into a full-on day rarely makes for happy endings

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Tuesday morning is an ambitious time to invite anyone for cocktails. You run the risk that entirely the wrong sort of guest will turn up – the under-employed and overly thirsty. Not the sort with whom you necessarily want to spend your weekday mornings.

But, I thought as I walked to such an event last week, it is often just the sort of thing one needs about that time of the week, when the magnitude of what's ahead is only just becoming apparent.

Besides, these cocktails were Bloody Marys, which everyone agrees is an acceptable morning tipple. To be frank, I'm rarely convinced by them. But I had a nice invitation from vodka company Belvedere to try various varieties (where the tomato was swapped with other juices), at the cosy Soho seafood restaurant Randall and Aubin, and there was not an undesirable drunk in sight, just a handful of drinks enthusiasts.

All were sipping at the various flavours (paired with dishes from the brunch menu), but the one I enjoyed the most was a neat shot of the special macerated vodka, which still felt potentially dangerous that time of day.

Still, it seemed less deliberate than the other Bloody Mary party I went to the week before, where the poetically titled gastropub, Paradise by way of Kensal Green. There, customers were invited to buy trays of DIY kits, which included your own bottle of vodka.

They were calling it The Sunday Recovery Session, for those feeling the strain of the night before, but looking at the generosity of orders, I had the feeling that the over-ambitious could slip very swiftly into retox.

Fun though these things are, I prefer the choice of a day out or a night out. Blurring the boundaries rarely makes for happy endings.

A few days ago I received an email with nightclub listings for April. At the appropriately named Egg, in London, revellers can dance most of the weekend away.

Get there tonight and you can still be dancing at 10am tomorrow morning. Then you have to find something to do with yourself for lunch (Bloody Mary, perhaps?), before the club gets going again at 2pm, and carries on until 6am on Monday morning.

While it might work for some, you need more than a Bloody Mary (and an Easter egg) to keep you partying that long. I prefer my days to be kept clear-headed. Have a restful weekend.