Did Chaka Khan call Beyonce a ‘b*tch’ at Black Women in Hollywood luncheon? Fans deliberate as video goes viral

Did she? Didn't she? The fans don't seem to care - they're happy enough having a go at each other on Youtube

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A video clip that allegedly shows Chaka Khan calling Beyoncé a ‘b*tch’ quickly notched up viral levels of attention after a Hollywood gossip site published it on YouTube with a cunningly damning title (scroll down to watch the video).

Sure enough, the funk singer-songwriter, 60, can be seen rolling her eyes at a reporter during a red carpet interview at the 7th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon after she is told that she looks “flawless like Beyoncé”.

What isn’t clear is exactly what she mutters under her breath. Is it an insult? It couldn’t possibly be proven.

But that hasn’t quietened the backlash from angry Beyoncé fans.

"Chaka, I love you dear but you are 60 years old hating on a 32 year old woman shame on you! Chaka is critical of other chic singers, always has been , the only female singer she will never hate on is Queen Aretha ," one viewer wrote.


 “The envy of beyonce is real. What she said under her breath, if but she definitely rolled her eyes at the ‘beyonce’ song comparison. Why?? B gets so much hate from her own ppl, but yall realize how many black ppl she employs? Women?” another said.

“We can show love and respect for each other. What an hypocritical person. Show respect for what Beyonce has achieved. She's done more than Chaka has ever done in her career and that's fact,” the comments continued.

But Khan wasn’t without a few cheerleaders of her own: “If you ask me I think Chaka was having fun,” wrote one Chaka supporter. “If you look at the way she rolled her eyes it seemed to me that she was emulating the video flawless with a quick gesture kind of like the girls were in the video and not insulting Bey!”

In a perhaps ill-advised move, Khan drew attention to the whole debacle by tweeting the following, before deleting it a few hours later: