Did Lee Nelson's footballer alter-ego try to crash Fifa president Sepp Blatter's press conference?


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Comedian Simon Brodkin has reportedly tried (and failed) to enter Fifa president Sepp Blatter’s press conference dressed as his Premier League footballer character Jason Bent.

Journalist Ben Rumsby shared a picture of a man who appears to be Brodkin, more commonly known by his comedy persona Lee Nelson, as he stood outside the conference.

Brodkin is known for his audacious attempts at accessing secure areas for members of the football establishment and almost made it onto the England World Cup squad plane with the team while in character as Bent in 2014. His plot was foiled at the last minute by the police, who bundled him away from other footballers in memorable scenes.

Brodkin was also hauled before court in 2013 when he dressed as Bent and managed to get on the pitch with Manchester City players shortly before a game at Goodison Park.

A member of Brodkin's management was unable to confirm whether the master of disguise had indeed managed to sneak into the conference.