DJ Derek missing: CCTV footage shows first confirmed sighting of legendary Bristolian as police ‘refocus’ search to Yate area

Footage shows the 73-year-old leaving The Criterion Pub in Bristol at 12.15am

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Police have 're-focused' their search for DJ Derek after CCTV footage was released showing the first confirmed sighting of the legendary Bristolian as he left a pub.

The footage shows Derek, full name Derek Serpell-Morris, entering The Criterion Pub in Bristol at approximately 11:35pm on July 10th.

He then leaves the premises at approximately 12:15am on July 11th.

This is the last confirmed sighting of Serpell-Morris.

Avon and Somerset Police say the much-loved 73-year-old, whose disappearance sparked a nationwide search last month, has also possibly been sighted at Yate bus station three weeks ago.

“As a result of this new information, we’re re-focusing our search efforts in the Yate area,” a spokesman said, adding that sightings at Cribs Causeway and Thornbury have also been reported.

Previously the search has focused on Bristol city centre, but after “a thorough and wide-spread investigation” the search is focusing on the town of Yate, 11 miles northeast of Bristol city centre.

“This new credible sighting in Yate will mean we will re-focus our efforts in this area and I would ask anyone who was in the vicinity of Yate bus station on July 16/17 to come forward,” said Detective Inspector Chris Jay in a statement.

Since the news of DJ Derek’s disappearance spread last month, rapper Dizzee Rascal has helped spread the word, and Weatherspoons have assisted in the investigation after it was revealed the DJ was a fan of the pub chain.