Grandmaster Flash has car stolen after parking attendant hands over keys to wrong man

DJ not only lost his car but also priceless vinyls and equipment

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A world-renowned DJ has been left furious after a parking attendant in the US gave his car away to the wrong man.

DJ Grandmaster Flash, real name Joseph Saddler, left his white 2014 Dodge Charger with a garage on West 23 Street, near Sixth Avenue, in New York, while he went to have his computer fixed on 16 July at around 7.30pm.

On his return, the 57-year-old musician, considered a pioneer of hip-hop DJing, found that the attendant had reportedly given away his car to someone “that looked like me.”

Mr Saddler went on social media to post about his lost, lamenting not only the disappearance of his £29,000 ($45,000) car but over £32,000 ($50,000) worth of equipment – and “irreplaceable” vinyl records.


“How should ANYONE be allowed to walk into a Pulic [sic] car park and get a car Released without the Stub - without ANY ID how is this possible,” he posted on Instagram.

The attendant, who has reportedly now been fired, allegedly told Mr Saddler that he handed over the keys to a man identical to him except for his shoes.

“If he knew that much of kicks WHY did he give the car up — dude had no ID,” the DJ added on the social media site.

New York Police Department have reportedly recorded the incident of the stolen car, but have been unable to locate the vehicle – and its priceless contents.