Donald Trump accuses Obama of wanting to use Storm June to declare 'martial law'

The property tycoon has an interesting take on the New York blizzard

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Donald Trump has caused more controversy on Twitter this week, this time taking aim at President Barack Obama.

The outspoken property tycoon accused President Obama of wanting to declare martial law in New York City, using Storm Juno as an excuse.

Meteorologists had predicted a potentially “life-threatening blizzard” would hit the US north-east. Some states declared emergencies, travel in new York was banned, subways were shut and residents were told to stay inside.

However, some areas saw only a quarter of the snowfall expected to hit areas along the East Coast.

In Trump's ‘announcement’ on Thursday, he proclaimed: “President Obama, our great leader, wants to declare martial law in New York City as a means of helping out with the ‘massive’ storm”.

The responses to his tweet were unsurprisingly disparaging. 

The Apprentice US presenter was recently lambasted for comments where he appeared to partly blame the tragedy on France’s ban on guns.

Trump has also expressed his interest in running for presidency once again, claiming he is the “one person who can make this country great again”.

The 68-year-old was less than modest about what he believes he would achieve in the White House. “If I run for president, and if I win, I would totally succeed in creating jobs, defeating Isis  and stopping the Islamic terrorists, reducing the budget deficit, securing our southern border, stopping nuclear weapons in Iran and elsewhere."