Chrissy Teigen calls out irony of Donald Trump supporters after being trolled for re-tweeting him

Teigen provided a running commentary of the Iowa caucus

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Chrissy Teigen has highlighted the irony of being trolled by supporters of Donald Trump after she shared a tweet written by the man himself.

While following the Iowa Caucus on Monday night, Teigen kept her 1.5million followers entertained by tweeting her thoughts.

Teigen reacted to Trump's defeat at the hands of Republican senator Ted Cruz by re-tweeting a post shared by the outspoken billionaire in December 2013.

The tweet contained a quote by the golfer Walter Hagen, which has come back to haunt Trump after he emerged in second place. 

Teigen claims this led to a barrage of criticism from Trump supporters who in her opinion apparently failed to see the irony of being angry. 

Other meanderings from the serial tweeter included:

In December, Teigen found herself embroiled in a Twitter spat with Trump after she called out the real estate mogul's twitter announcement of a meeting with “a large group of African American pastors” but said it would be private and not a "press event". She bluntly responded: “So don’t tweet about it you tw*t.”

Trump then re-tweeted a comment from a supporter who branded the model a “trashy gutter mouth woman”.

Despite the political musings during the caucus, Teigen says she still hasn’t decided who to vote for. However, her previous tweets suggest it’s unlikely to be Trump.