The presidential campaign trail can be a grind, a seemingly never-ending tour of rallies and indistinguishable venues. To shake up that dynamic and give candidates a chance to interact with voters on the ground, campaigns often schedule smaller events at local businesses, community centres and schools. Those events occasionally lead to real connections between candidates and voters — the kinds of connections a campaign can't buy.

So it was probably a pretty easy choice for Donald Trump's campaign to have him make a stop at the International Christian Academy in Las Vegas on Wednesday. One stop, a bunch of PR-friendly photos with kids, and a chance to hit one of his favorite talking points, the erosion of Christian values in American society.

One thing he might not have counted on? The very matter-of-fact young student who immediately had some investigating to do with Trump's famous hair.

“See? I told you his hair wasn't orange,” a young voice rings out as Trump walks into the classroom.

A small moment on the trail, to be sure, but also a reminder to candidates: Kids aren't particularly policy-focused. Mostly, they just want to look at your big hair.

Washington Post.