Katy Perry uses her 93 million Twitter followers to mock Donald Trump's 'measly' 12 million

'Measly numbers'

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Among the many shameless brags exhibited by Donald Trump throughout his campaign, Katy Perry has made it her business to shut down one of them.

During Sunday night’s presidential debate, Mr Trump was asked about his late-night tweeting spree where he urged his followers to check out an alleged sex tape involving Alicia Machado – the former beauty queen who claims Mr Tump "fat-shamed" her after competing in Miss Universe and has since become a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton – and landed himself in one of many sexism controversies.

In his rambling defence where he denied saying he literally meant for his followers to check out a sex tape (something Ms Machado denies and dismisses as "cheap lies and slander") the 70-year-old also said Twitter is a great place to communicate.

“Tweeting happens to be a modern day form of communication, you can like it or not like it,” he said. “Between Facebook and Twitter, I happen to have almost 25 million people, it’s a very effective way of communication.”

Trump not 'un-proud' of his tweets

Enter Perry, an ardent Clinton supporter and campaigner, who also happens to be the most followed person on Twitter:

Perry has an eye-watering 93.4 million followers on Twitter, 71.1 million on Facebook and 56.8 million on Instagram. 

Meaning, yes in comparison to Perry’s 220 million social media following, Mr Trump’s 25 million is rather measly.