Donald Trump: Presidential candidate thinks his name is worth over $3billion

The businessman and reality TV star wants to 'make America Great again'

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Donald Trump announced that he is going to run for the Republican party's presidential campaign.

However, it's emerged that Trump is pretty confident he'll be able to afford the campaign to replace Barack Obama, as he estimates his own name to be worth in excess of $3billion (£1.9billion).

Trump, who is not famed for his modesty, lists assets of $3.3billion for real-estate licensing and branding deals. This encompasses pretty much anything you can pin down and put in a box with a sticker on it. Think Tramp-brand steaks, ties, perfume - he even does Trump-brand bottled water in his hotels - and stars on reality show Celebrity Apprentice.


As with any vague "brand" value, it's impossible to quantify whether that's really an accurate figure, but people have been trying for years.

There has been a long debate about what Trump's real worth is, with Forbes saying his claim of $8.7billion (£5.5billion) is exaggerated by at least "100 per cent".

He has promised to issue a full financial disclosure before the first Republican debate, which is slated to happen on 6 August 2015. Jeb Bush - George W's brother - has also confirmed that he will run for the presidency.

Trump once said "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall." If his own estimates are correct, he'll be able to pay for his wall cash.