Vivienne Westwood blasts Hillary Clinton as 'evil': I wouldn't vote for Trump or Clinton - they are all the same

'I wouldn't even pick Barack Obama over them'

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The chorus of voices opposing Donald Trump’s suitability for President is growing following lewd comments he made about groping women and allegations from four women of sexual assault

Catastrophe star Rob Delaney has raised more than $50,000 to unseat 'spineless' Republicans, with funds to be diverted to Democrats opposing their seats. The New York Times has effectively dared Mr Trump to try and sue them for libel for publishing the sexual assault allegations, which he has strenuously denied. 

Michelle Obama took to the stage in Manchester to blast his “routine degradation” of women, saying his comments affected her deeply. 

But Vivienne Westwood saved her criticism for his rival Hillary Clinton’s suitability as a candidate for the highest seat in office, branding leading Republican and Democrats “all the same”. 

The outspoken British fashion designer and environmental activist branded Clinton “evil” and “a war monger” in a scathing summary of the Democratic nominee. 

“I don't expect the world to change with Hillary Clinton,” she told CNBC. “You know we're all going for climate change. I'm not pro-Trump. If I would be American, I would not vote for either of them except if there's a green person I would vote for a green person." 

Ms Westwood's discontent with the Democratic party ran deeper than its next hopeful for leadership, however. 

“I wouldn't even pick Barack Obama over them either because the people are applying the terrible rotten financial system there's no difference between them," she said. 

“So it's about war and about killing everything on the planet actually through climate change. They don't want their rotten financial system changed. You know so there's no choice between them, you cannot choose that. They are all the same.”