Downton Abbey stars join the Scottish Independence debate: 'This is a matter for the people of Scotland'

The resounding response from the cast was 'I don't know'

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The cast of Downton Abbey voiced their views on Scottish Independence – the evening before voters went to the polls today.

And while creator Julian Fellowes has pitched up tentatively in the Yes camp, among the actors the resounding response was “I don’t know”.

"I would be sorry to see the union lost," Fellowes told the Mail Online on the red carpet in Leicester Square.  

But he added that "this is a matter for the people of Scotland".

 "I think we should leave them alone to come to their decision. You know, I wish at the beginning we'd said we will discuss all the terms if and when you vote for independence, we hope you don't," he said.

Meanwhile Lesley Nichol, who play’s Downton’s loyal cook Mrs Patmore said she didn’t think she was “the person to comment on it”.

“I don't know. If I was Scottish , I'm half Scottish, but I'm not fully Scottish so I think it's very different if you live up there.”

Laura Carmichael, known for her role as the perpetually ill-fortuned Lady Edith, said: "I don't know... I don't know really.”

And Jim Carter, who plays Downton’s butler Carson, said being English he could not comment.

He said: “Let them vote and all I want is them all to vote.”

Among famous names arguing for independence are Andy MurrayVivienne Westwood, Bjork, Frankie Boyle, The Proclaimers, Alan Cumming, Billy Bragg, Sean Connery and Annie Lennox.

The list of those who want Scotland to stay within the union include David Beckham, JK Rowling, David Bowie, Eddie Izzard, Alex Ferguson, Mike Myers and Emma Thompson.