Drake and Meek Mill feud: Fan gets threatened after holding up Drake sign during Meek Mill set at Fool’s Gold Day Out

Meek Mill made one of his entourage stand next to the fan for the remainder of the evening

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Fans may have assumed the feud between Meek Mill and Drake had died out, but one person discovered the rivalry is alive and well after he held up an ill-advised sign this week.

“Put that Drake sign up again n*****. F*** you talking about you f****** clown?” Meek Mill told a fan on Monday night after they held up a Drake sign during his set at the Fool’s Gold Day Off in Brooklyn, New York.

The rapper sent one of his entourage into the crowd to stand next to the fan for the rest of the concert, telling him from the stage: “You’re standing next to a shooter now”. 

Warning: explicit content


“Don’t ever come in here with some crazy s*** like that, boy,” he added.

 Drake and Meek Mill spent most of the summer writing ‘diss’ tracks at each other after Meek Mill claimed on Twitter that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics, and instead used a ghostwriter.

There was even a point when the feud became so ridiculous that Meek Mill threatened to give Drake a wedgie, though some believe the whole thing could be a marketing ploy.