Drake gets kissed by Madonna, screws up his face in apparent discomfort

‘What the f*** just happened..?’ the bemused rapper asked as Madonna waltzed off stage

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Drake may have planned to perform his song entitled ‘Madonna’ during his headline set at Coachella with the Queen of Pop herself, but he clearly had no idea about what the star had in store for him.

Drake, sat on a chair with his hands on his lap, had his head tilted backwards by the ‘Like a Prayer’ singer as she moved to stand behind him. Madonna then bent over Drake and proceeded to kiss him and rub his chest, while the audience cheered.

Drake Addresses His Madonna Kiss Reaction

While Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s mid-performance kiss with Madonna at the VMAs over a decade ago seemed staged, the prolonged kiss she planted on Drake’s lips appeared to take the rapper completely by surprise. And his face showed it.


“What the f*** just happened?” the rapper asked his audience as Madonna stalked off-stage, having just added another person to her list of musicians she has publicly kissed in front of a camera.


Unfortunately for Madonna, onlookers have focused on Drake’s immediate reaction to being kissed out of the blue.

As the singer triumphantly pulled away from Drake, saying, “I’m Madonna!” into her microphone before swiftly exiting, Drake projected himself forward and bent double, screwing up his eyes while pulling his hand over his mouth, and looked extremely uncomfortable.