Dynamo predicted Germany would win the World Cup in the 113 minute and Neymar would be out with a back injury two weeks ago

Watch the illusionist anticipate the final score on Sky Sports News

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Let’s put things into perspective a bit.

Marking out Germany as the eventual World Cup winners isn’t a feat of magical brilliance - they do have one of the strongest teams on the planet and looked threatening from the outset. Most people’s grandmothers would have made a similar shout.

But Dynamo went one step further, not only predicting that the Europeans would go on to take the title, but that they’d do so with a late 113-minute goal from a young player.

The street illusionist made the forecast two weeks ago when he appeared on Sky Sports News. He sealed his predictions in a brown envelope, announcing that he’d reappear on the show after the World Cup final to reveal just how accurate he had been.

He returned to the show yesterday morning and invited the hosts to open the envelope, which contained a CD. Upon playing it, they learned that he had recorded that either Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo would be forced to leave the tournament due to injury.

Neymar was ruled out of the World Cup due to injury following Brazil’s quarter-final clash against Colombia. Dynamo correctly guessed it would be due to a back injury.

His next guess was that a European team – either Germany or Italy – would go on to face a Latin American team in the final. He predicted that the Latin American team would be Argentina.

His last forecast was the winning goal, which he said would be the only goal of the final match. Dynamo successfully guessed that it would be scored by a player on the pitch in extra time after 113 minutes, and that the player would be one of the youngest.

Of course, Mario Götze, the 22-year-old Bayern Munich attacking midfielder, scored the only goal in extra time.

Dynamo signed off his predictions with a telling “Auf Wiedersehen”, which is a formal “Goodbye” in German.

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