Ed Balls on Mumsnet: Shadow Chancellor says he is a 'long, slow burn' in the bedroom when asked about being named a 'sexy beast' by mums

Balls joked that a recent Mumsnet discussion on which politician 'would make the best lover' had made Ed Miliband jealous

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Ed Balls has described himself as a “long, slow burn” in the bedroom during an unusual radio interview on the subject of his sexual prowess.

Appearing on LBC Radio to celebrate his 48th birthday, the shadow Chancellor was asked about a recent discussion on Mumsnet about “which major politician would make the best lover”.

The forum thread – which received notoriety after getting more than 400 replies – named him as a “sexy beast” who “at least has the right name” for the job. And after listening to a series of clips which ranged from people saying Mr Balls could “rock their world” to describing him as “not my type” and a “six out of 10”, the Labour MP said: “I thought that started well and then slightly fell away towards the end.”

Asked if that’s “what happens with you Ed”, he replied: “Ahh, no: a long slow burn.”

Mr Balls said he would not speculate on what his wife, the shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, thought about it all – citing Nick Clegg’s comments about sleeping with “[fewer] than 30 women” as an example he wouldn’t be following.

On whether Ed Miliband was jealous of the Mumsnet users’ verdicts, Mr Balls joked that it was “another example of a return to our Blair-Brown bad relationship – ‘I can’t believe you’re the sexy beast and not me’”.

One Mumsnet contributor nominated the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, as “the only one who knows how to have fun”.

Mr Balls said: “I’m trying to hold back on making any libellous statements at this point – but personally, I can say that I don’t know if Boris Johnson is fun in bed.”

The segments ends with Anne, a caller from Oldham, describing Mr Balls’ comments as “49 and a half shades of grey”.

“If you want to come in and fill in the other half you can any time,” he says – to which she replies: “No… no…”

The interview is ultimately conducted in good spirits, and host Iain Dale commends Mr Balls for fielding the questions while “avoiding a Natalie Bennett moment”.

But on Twitter, listeners' reactions to the shadow minister's comments have been a bit less forgiving.

Other verdicts on politicians in the Mumsnet thread included that Gordon Brown would be "mysterious and moody", David Cameron would be "a bit too arrogant" and Nick Clegg would be "a bit of a damp squib if his politics are anything to go by".