Ed Balls responds to Russell Brand's 'clicky-wristed snidey c***' comment - and the result is priceless

The shadow chancellor labelled the comedian a 'pound shop Ben Elton'

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Ed Balls was on spectacular form on BBC Politics earlier today.

Asked by Emily Maitlis what he made of Russell Brand labelling him a “clicky-wristed snidey c***” during his unshockingly controversial appearance on Channel 4’s Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, the Shadow Chancellor replied.

“I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, to be honest, Emily.”“I suppose he’s quite funny sometimes. I think that Jo Brand is a rather better political commentator. I suppose you could call him a pound shop Ben Elton.”


“But that doesn’t mean he’s not sometimes funny,” he hastily added.

Emphasis on the “sometimes”.

Balls was, of course, referring to an entirely separate Brand name-calling incident on Question Time last year, during which the comedian labelled Nigel Farage a “pound shop Enoch Powell” to his face, and the delight of a rowdy at best studio audience.