Ed Miliband gives the official Labour party line on what colour the dress is

The Labour leader has his say on the vital issue

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Ed Miliband weighed into what has undoubtedly become the issue of the day.

Adding to the roster of the usual facile "how much does a pint of milk cost?" questions, ITV News gave Miliband the chance to prove what a man of the people he is by asking whether he sees that stupid dress as white and gold or blue and black.

Chris Ship, the channel's deputy political editor, gave Miliband the grilling.

"It's the official Labour party position, Chris, that the dress is white and gold," Miliband said. "I'm not sure whether I should enforce collective discipline across the Shadow Cabinet on this, but for me it's white and gold."

The dress can be seen in different colours

"That is where ITV's deputy political editor and the leader of the opposition disagree," Ship joked.

It could have been worse, though. He could have asked about those stupid llamas as well.


In other news, the dress is going to be featured on hard-hitting current affairs programme Newsnight tonight.

If you move fast enough you might be able to catch a plane out of Britain beforehand, before society fully crumbles.

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